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Accelerate development and maximize value

Accellient Partners® LLC is a fully integrated and dedicated team of drug development experts, each with broad drug development, regulatory and scientific experience. The Accellient team designs, implements and manages the strategic, tactical, and regulatory-driven product development needs of business leaders and investors in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. Accellient’s development model leverages drug development know-how, technology, science and business experience to:


Accellient’s approach enables companies to assess all risk factors and their impact on probabilities of success so that major investment and infrastructure decisions are implemented at the most opportune time. Accellient Partners has clients in all major biotech and biopharma markets. We provide core technical drug development expertise and an extensive network of expert affiliates, key opinion leaders and proven service providers that complement your discovery, development and management team. We are filing INDs quarterly and have significant experience working with all divisions of the FDA to streamline the complex electronic submission process.


Our validated approach helps companies to clearly establish parameters of value and to measure those values against program performance and milestones. Fully integrated program services, including vendor costs, from manufacturing, nonclinical and IND submission through Phase 1, run from $1.5 million to $4.0 million for most small molecule projects and are delivered in 9 to 18 months, depending on the complexity of the chemistry and the clinical objectives. For the lowest possible cost and shortest timeline, Accellient will guide your company to its next financeable milestone or exit. We offer a creative and flexible fee for service cost model with equity-based compensation options…that is, we will share the risk with you on select projects.

Accellient offers an efficient and cost effective approach and strives to be the biopharmaceutical and investment industries’ virtual drug development partner of choice.

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