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Accellient Partners collaborates with clients across the globe and here is what they say about us. If you have any questions or want to know more, simply contact us.

Canfite"Dr. William Kerns has led development for Can-Fite in an executive advisory role for many years.  He and his team at Accellient Partners have been indispensable to Can-Fite’s success in nonclinical and clinical development and regulatory support.  Their proactive approach has been pivotal to advancing the company’s two lead drugs to their current clinical development stage.  Can-Fite is greatly indebted to Dr. Kerns and his team for all the wonderful work they have done and continue to do."
— Dr. Pnina Fishman, CEO Can-Fite Biopharma, Israel

Stealth"Accellient Partners was referred to us by our lead investor given Accellient’s breadth of development experience and its ability to navigate beyond the immediate challenges inherent to a startup program.  Accellient rapidly assembled its experts to focus on and help guide our program, leading within months to Stealth’s first IND filing and a U.S. clinical trial for Bendavia. Accellient continues to provide advice and guidance to our program as we transition into a multinational Phase II trial for myocardial infarction (STEMI). Our program has greatly benefited from and continues to rely on the knowledge and experience of Dr. Kerns and the Accellient Partners’ team."
— Travis Wilson, CEO, Stealth Peptides, Inc.

Synchroneuron"Our company had a strong IP position and a strong business plan, but venture capitalists were concerned about execution risk. We turned to Accellient Partners, which gave us access to a senior team of drug development experts with a record of success in managing all phases of drug development from formulation to regulatory filings.  Accellient partnered with us in a comprehensive way, beginning with improving our development plan, evaluating potential formulation partners, and introducing us to potential investors. Their background, reputation, and visible performance in the early stages of our development project brought greater credibility to our story and created new value for our company. Going forward, Accellient will select and oversee contractors for laboratory testing, product manufacturing and clinical trials, and lead our interactions with the FDA.  Accellient has made Synchroneuron more than a 'virtual company'—they have helped us assemble a coherent, goal-directed team with outstanding prospects for success."
Barry S. Fogel, MD, MBA, CEO, Synchroneuron LLC




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